Mohamed Mohamed el-Tayeb Badri

Head of Logistics

My name is Mohamed Mohamed el-Tayeb Badri. I am from Sudan, Kordofan, al-Obeid town – this is my roots. But I have lived in Khartoum for many years. My position within the mission is the logistics manager. That means I help the foreign archaeologists to organise their work in Sudan. My responsibilities include buying equipment, organising transport, looking after the cars and finding and supervising the other logistics staff, i.e. drivers and cooks. I enjoy my work, as it is always interesting, and it means that I get know know many people and many places.

Our most current project is to start developing an old building in the centre of Abu Hamed into a museum. In early 2019, we undertook a survey of the current condition of the house, and we will start to do repairs and renovations soon. I am keen to see what we will manage to achieve in the coming years.